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Sergio Tapia is a software development project manager, ex-military and amateur writer in the Dark Fantasy, science fiction and historical novel genres.

President of the historical and cultural association, Victorial Hispánico.

Lover of mystery and the search for gnosis, Sergio Tapia, has traveled looking for inspiration for his novels throughout places as diverse and distant as Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, India, Nepal, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Colombia and Mexico. Using these trips as a source of inspiration for his novels. You can see more about these trips on his Instagram account.

In the creative field, Sergio Tapia is the author of novels and plays (with the play La Mora Encantada performed in 2008). In the literary field, he published his first printed novel in 2001 (Al Amanecer) which was presented at the Alphaville Cinemas in Madrid that same year, later presented other works within various organizations and media such as Guadalajara TV and the Regional Houses of Guadalajara and Castilla la Mancha. Since then until now, he has written three plays, poetry, several press articles and more than twenty novels (since 2001, some titles are not currently available), of which several have been printed by the hand of different publishers; Aache, Letra Clara, Efecto 2000 and Luz de Gas among others. Currently more focused on the field of digital publishing by the hand of Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and other digital platforms.

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The new projects currently focus on the historical novel, mainly on the war environment of different eras, dark fantasy and science fiction of different kinds.

Sergio Tapia has published under the pseudonym Nemeron or NemeronWriter and others, in different digital and printed publications.

Sergio Tapia collaborates in several digital publications; digital magazine, blogs, etc. about technology, history, photography, science fiction and fantasy or mystery world.

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